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What your automobile radio restoration includes:

  1. We replace all electrolytic capacitors, all paper capacitors, all oil filled capacitors.
  2. We replace any out-of-tolerance resistors.
  3. We replace the vibrator, rectifier, and buffer.
  4. We repair as needed internal speakers (replacement speaker extra charge).
  5. We test and replace, as required, all tubes.
  6. We precisely align the RF and IF circuits.
  7. We clean, lubricate, and realign the tuner and push buttons.
  8. We repair or replace, as needed, pots, switches, coils, audio transformers, clutches and solenoids.
  9. We replace the dial light bulb(s).
  10. We use components that typically have higher ratings and tighter tolerances than the original part.
  11. We guarantee the entire radio for 1 year. 


AM/FM Stereo Conversions


We can convert your radio to AM/FM stereo without altering it's appearance! Our system is undetectable and sounds great!

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Shipping information:


Bob's Radio & TV Service
1415 South 4th Street Oceano, CA 93445

UPS Requirements:

Continental USA only!

All others MUST Call or E-Mail First for approval before Shipping, otherwise shipment will be rejected

Pack the radio in a box inside of a larger box. 
Use at least (3) inches of packing material around the radio. 
It must be able to withstand a three (3) foot drop.

This procedure is recommended when shipping through the Post Office as well.

Please include specific instructions such as:
phone number, street address and shipping authorization number.

Also note if radio is 6 volt or 12 volt, - or + ground (if unsure, check with your mechanic).



Method of payment:

Personal check OK if prepaid, VISA/MASTER CARD or COD cash only.

We will install a solid state vibrator in your radio if your radio uses a vibrator. Please be sure and tell us if your automobile has been altered in any way from the original design - i.e. if you are currently using an 8 or 12 volt battery in a 6 volt vehicle, or if the battery polarity (ground) has been changed from the original.

NOTE: If your car has an 8 volt battery please take your radio elsewhere!

Also: We will not guarantee any 6 volt radio operated on an 8 volt system. 

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Radio Rebuilding Price List - Effective January 2003

(Price based on complete radio in good condition)
Extra charge may apply to rusty or incomplete radios.








American Motors 58-62
American Motors 63-70 **

Buick 32-42
Buick 46-49
Buick 50-58
Buick 59-62
Buick 63-70 **

Cadillac 32-42 (except 39 450+)
Cadillac 46-49
Cadillac 50-58

Cadillac 59-62
Cadillac 63-70 **

Chevrolet 32-42
Chevrolet 46-57
Chevrolet 58-62
Chevrolet 63-70 **

Chrysler see Mopar
Cord all
Crosley all
Desoto see Mopar
Dodge see Mopar
Edsel all

Ford & Mercury 32-42
Ford & Mercury 46-56
Ford 57-62
Ford 63-70 **

GMC & Chevy Truck 47-59
GMC & Chevy Truck 60-62
GMC & Chevy Truck 63-70 **

Hudson 33-42 Hudson 46-57

Hupmobile all
Imperial see Mopar

Lincoln 32-42
Lincoln 46-48
Lincoln 49-62
Lincoln 63-70 **



Mercury 49-56

Mercury 57-62
Mercury 63-70 **
Metropolitan all

Mopar 32-39
Mopar 46-56
Mopar 57-62
Mopar 63-70 **
Nash 32-42

 Nash 46-57

Oldsmobile 32-42
Oldsmobile 46-47
Oldsmobile 48-57
Oldsmobile 58-62
Oldsmobile 63-70 **

Packard 32-40
Packard 41-47
Packard 48-57 Plymouth see Mopar

Pontiac 32-42
Pontiac 46-48
Pontiac 49-56
Pontiac 57-62
Pontiac 63-70 **

Studerbaker 33-40
Studerbaker 41-57
Studerbaker 58-66
*add $50.00 for models AC 3498,3499,3500

Thunderbird 55-57
Thunderbird 58-62
Thunderbird 63-70 **

Willys 32-42
Willys Jeepster,aero..all

Aftermarket 32-42
Aftermarket 46-57
Aftermarket 58-62
Aftermarket 63-70 **

**all am 63-70
am/fm units 63-70
Multiplex units 63-70 add 50.00


1) Add $75.00 for Town & Country, Rotomatic, Wonderbar, or other Signal
Seeking Radios.
2) Add $75.00 for 6 to 12 Volt conversions.
3) Above prices do not include return shipping.
4) We do not service tape players, CB radios or foreign radios (except
5) Call for current prices.


Modern Electronics AM-FM Stereo Conversion

Installed in your original radio!
Starting at $450.00 12 volt - ground only

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